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ents with fever and possible link to the virus, and those who had close contacts with infected patients. -- The National Health Commission Sunday sa

g'e-5 probe to collect moon samples and bring them back to Earth. The Chang'e-5 probe, weighing over 8 tonnes, is expected to be launched by Long March-5 in 2020. China plans to complete the construction of its s

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arter plane of Xiamen Airlines brought 264 medics from Xiamen City, in east China's Fujian Provi

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ince. Chinese health authorities have dispatched a total of 11,921 medical personnels from across the country to Hubei Province to aid the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia, according to the National Health Commission on Sunday. -- Trade unions in China have provided financial aid of more than 20 million yuan (about 2.9 million U.S. dollars) to help Hubei Province battle the epidemic. The All-China Federation of Trade Unions also

donated 200 tonnes of disinfectants and 20,000 masks. -- Chinese authorities have reassured producers of key medical supplies that the government would be the ultimate buyer in a move to encourage production to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak. Such pr

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oducts initially include test kits, medical goggles, medical protective gear and masks, as well as their raw materials, and the list will be adjusted with the development of the epidemic, according to a guideline jointly issued by several ministries. -- Authorities have begun closed-off management in some residential buildings in Hu

anggang, one of the cities worst hit by the epidemic in Hubei. The buildings include those hosting confirmed cases of infection, suspected cases, pati

the hardest-hit province, reported 2,147 new confir

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